2-year olds are terrible? But that period of age is crucial !

2-year olds are terrible? But that period of age is crucial !

When children turn 2, their self-impression as children begins to change! They would feel a little grown up and start developing their own opinions and cause “problems” to their mother.

This is mainly because a child’s brain enters a “critical period” at the age of 2, where they become very responsive to sensory stimuli. Parents should provide enhanced brain education to their child at this “rebellious period”. Otherwise, their child would become slow in responding and resist any stimulus given past this stage.

To better develop the brain of a 2-year old, parents should:

  1. Carefully observe their child
    Observe the child’s interests and passion carefully, understand his or her weaknesses and strengths, and then allow him or her to develop abilities freely and happily.
  2. Provide a wide range of stimuli
    Provide your child with plenty of quality sensory stimuli, such as good music, vibrant-coloured pictures of animals, flowers, plants, seasonal ingredients, and more. However, parents should provide stimuli in line with their child’s interests. Otherwise, these quality stimuli to the child would be pointless and wasted.
  3. Set and abide by rules
    To ensure that a child is able to comply with the rules of society, parents should first set rules within the family for the child to abide by. Parents are role models to their children and should consciously and constantly be aware of this.
  4. Allow the child to play with other children in groups
    When playing with other children of the same age, a child will learn and realize that he or she cannot do anything that only he or she wishes. In the process, the child would learn empathy and patience, among other things.
  5. Involve the father in the parenting process
    Children look up to their fathers as the head figure in terms of physical strength. This trust in the relationship is key in nurturing a child’s social skills. Fathers should interact more with their children and teach them all the important facets and wisdom of life.

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