Akachan 1

The “Reflection Period” starts from birth up to 1.5 months old.

Here, our precious babies start to lift their heads up until they can sit. Our Akachan class helps to nurture a well-balanced brain by stimulating the eyes, mouth, arms, fingers, feet, ears, and body at the right timing in order to achieve the optimum results.

Curriculum of the Class

   Hands Development

Grabbing reflection, various hand movements (grasping, picking up, waving, pulling).

  Body Development

Diaper exercise, bending, stretch reflex, lie prone, lay crawling, crawling with hands and feet, sitting (Kubota Method’s of specially-designed chair).

  Sense Development

Red Ball, Rhythm Play, Peripheral Vision.

  Social Development

Diaper exercise, mirror-neuron*, gazing & pursuing, mirror game, Peek-a-boo.

  Brain Development

Peek-a-boo, “Cuddle, Cuddle, Tap, Tap”, Puppet Theatre, mirror-neuron*, gazing & pursuing, mirror game.

* Mirror neuron system means that before getting a baby to do any action, the mother should show the model first to activate the mirror neuron system.


of this Curriculum

Our objective is driven to stimulate the brain in order to build up the density of the synapse. This will increase the point of information transmission between the brain and motor skills. This is the foundation of a genius brain. Babies who start brain training earlier tend to walk independently and speak earlier.


in the Classroom

The brain development of a child is dependant on how the movement is reinforced. Mothers have the chance to continuously open their minds when they observe the examples of teachers and listen to their explanation. Apart from that, social skill is also nurtured as children begin socializing with others, building bonds and friendships as well.

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