Akachan 2

The first year is the critical stage where visual, listening and other sensory areas are strengthening and developing.

Here, we create a foundation for abundant sensibility and sensation through discovering new experiences such as words, motions, shapes, colours and more.

Curriculum of the Class

  Hands Development

Hold pencil, use both hands (twist, string-passing), snap tape, nine ball.

  Body Development

Body weight shifting, facing the table, walking on both feet, jumping, climbing rod, duck jump.

  Sensors Development

Recognize colours, sizes, shapes, numbers, colour cube, visual tracking.

  Social Development

Pretending play, paper puppet.

  Brain Development

Picture book, shape recognition.


of this Curriculum

Our class is dedicated to stimulate the brain through playing. We stimulate the visual, auditory and touch sensation in different areas of the brain by using colourful toys with various shapes and textures. This brain stimulation helps develop children’s senses and emotions.


in the Classroom

When a baby starts communicating, mothers now can interact more with their babies. Teachers and parents fill the class with positivity and words of encouragement, and children will fill the class with laughter in return.

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