Erito Class

Children are fully independent in the class.

The class develops their communication skill, an intelligent brain* and the ability to solve problems.

* Intelligent brain is based on Mrs. Kayoko Kubota’s idea to develop the brain through Kubota Noken (Brain Research).

Curriculum of the Class

  • Develop the ability to express themselves through self-introduction and presentations.
  • Familiarizing themselves with illustrations, numbers and words.
  • Use scissors, origami, and other tools which enhances motor skill.
  • Reinforce working memory through recitation and games.


of this Curriculum

Children acquire the opportunity to complete tasks independently and gain self-confidence by spending quality time with teachers, friends, and others. As they become independent, their creativity and decision-making ability develops. This promotes them to be intelligent children who can convey ideas and feelings freely and develops their sense of empathy.


in the Classroom

The children are independent in completing the given tasks. Parents who have visited the classroom were amazed by the children’s level of concentration. Imagine a situation whereby children can sit in proper posture and listen to their teacher attentively. This is the distinctive effect of Kubota Method. Children are happy, self-motivated, and keen on learning. This enables them to overcome their sense of insecurity and do their best even when facing a challenging situation.

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