Kodomo 1

From the age of 2, children will attend the class independently.

The focus is to further develop the frontal cortex of the brain. We engage the children in activities such as tracing, using scissors and glue and utilizing Kayoko study materials in teaching ideas of numbers via finger movements (motor skills).

Curriculum of the Class

  Hands Development

Using brush, chopstick games, tie-up.

  Body Development

Jumping on flat surface.

  Sensors Development

Classification of sizes (large, medium & small), fraction, searching & grouping, memory retention, sense of orientation training, K-Patch.


Presentation skill and self-confidence.


of this Curriculum

By giving appropriate stimuli to the brain from an early stage, a child can perform basic actions such as walking, using simple tools, and conducting simple conversations earlier in life. Also, when the mirror neuron system is activated, the child easily imitates mother’s actions and TV programs. The child amazes the parents with the rapid development of their words and actions. With a strong prefrontal cortex, the child can think and act intellectually.


in the Classroom

There are more activities where the child can initiate to play proactively using a variety of tools and toys. Although the curriculum involves the parents and child, some children start to play independently with their friends in the classroom. Parents often get to observe their child’s concentration when performing the given task.

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