Kodomo 2

The program nurtures a child’s independence, communication skills, intelligence, decision-making ability, and problem-solving.

If a child has attended the Kubota Method since an early age, the child would have acquired the ability to sit still for 60 minutes with a exceptional concentration. The child can listen attentively to teachers and friends, easily understand the given instructions, and decide on the right course of action when facing a challenge.

With the ability to concentrate, a child will be able to work on the activities without getting tired of it. To perform the given tasks independently, a child needs to listen to the instructions attentively and understand the steps thoroughly, which in turn enable the child to develop valuable problem solving skills and boost the memory performance.

Curriculum of the Class

  Hands Development

Use pencil for writing, buttoning, tie-up.

  Body Development

Large motor skill movement.

  Sensors Development

Ability to differentiate and compare.


Improve presentation skills and train children’s confidence.


of this Curriculum

We believe that providing appropriate brain stimulation from an early stage enables a child to develop a well-balanced motor skill which is essential to complete either simple or complicated tasks. At this level, they have mastered a large amount of vocabulary and are able to speak and express themselves confidently.


in the Classroom

Children start to learn in a group and work in teams to build strong social skills. Sensei will provide necessary guidance to the children when needed.

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