Why you need Kubota program?

Why do you need the Kubota program?

After a baby is born, the synaptic communication network (neural circuit) between nerve cells is established at the fastest period of network establishment in life.

There is a certain order in the development of the brain and the body, the stimulation provided to babies should follow with the sequence of development in order to achieve the optimum results. From the birth of a child then to walking on both feet, it takes about eight to 15 months. This is the stage that greatly affects and shapes the future of your baby.

The Kubota program is designed to master every stage of a baby’s growth and provide external stimuli to induce various reactions in building brain functions and maximize potential. Through activities and learning new things, babies can stimulate the links of brain “nerve cells” and form a “neural circuit”, which is the main process for the development of intelligence in the future.

At Kubota, we provide lessons that filled with fun, love and wisdom to you and your child!

The growth of the brain.

The brain grows rapidly from birth to around 3 to 4 years old, and by the age of 5, has developed to about 85% equivalent to an adult’s brain. The most important part of the brain that controls functions such as memory, thought, and judgment is the prefrontal cortex. It is important to strengthen this part of the brain intensively during the formative years, thus building a strong foundation for further development of the child later.

Stimulation of the brain before and after 1 year old is the key to brain growth.

The number of synapses increases remarkably from birth. This graph shows how synaptic density in the visual cortex, auditory cortex, and prefrontal cortex changes during the foetal period. Most brain development peaks at around 3 to 4 years old.

A powerful brain is developed by this formula; higher stimulation, higher synapses which lead to denser neural connections, and the brain functions efficiently. A great brain is a balanced brain that has developed evenly. The key is to increase the number of synapses in the brain which can be achieved by stimulating the brain from a newborn to 3 to 4 years old. Early brain development has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school and life.

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